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This day has given me another opportunity to experience God in life, I am beginning to learn how to find my mission in each day. Some might say, do we really have a mission for each day? I am convinced the answer to this question is YES. Even though my relationship to the Father apart from sin does not change, for me to experience Him each day is dependant upon my ability hear Him. I love what Jesus says in (Jn 8:38, Jn 12:49), I do and say nothing which the Father has not said to Me or shown Me, also Jesus says in Jn 10:4 “My sheep WILL KNOW MY VOICE.” WOW, we can actually know His voice. So, each day I set out and purpose myself to hear His voice, not just go about my day, but purposely seek Him to the point of ACTUALLY FINDING HIM. Proverbs 3:6 “says, In ALLLLL your ways acknowledge Him and He SHALL direct your paths.” Jesus did not say maybe, or sometimes, or if you are good enough today, but He said, SHALL direct your paths. While many are waiting for God to speak, He is waiting upon us to acknowledge Him. There is a spiritual law which governs our ability to hear and find God, this spiritual law as stated in Luke 11:9 is “SEEK and you WILL find” this spiritual law will work 100 times out of 100. The problem seems to be people are waiting for God, but God is waiting for us to get diligent and begin to seek and put into motion His spiritual laws.

Read the first five chapters of Proverbs it will change your life forever, Prov. 4:7 states that Wisdom is the PRINCIPAL THING therefor GET Wisdom, also in James 1:5-7- Gods makes it so very clear how to get Wisdom, He says, “if any of us lacks Wisdom LET HIM ASK of God who gives to ALLLLL liberally and with out reproach, and IT WILLLL be given to him, BUT let him ask in faith with no doubting, Vs 7 for let not that man suppose he will receive anything from the Lord.” The Holy Spirit is saying in these verses in proverbs and James that Wisdom is the principle thing we need, so get wisdom. If we did not know how to get wisdom we would have a problem on our hands, but God so graciously tells us through James how to get this precious gift of wisdom, He says we get wisdom by ASKING FOR IT, with one condition, NO DOUBTING, we need to believe that God wants us to find and have wisdom. The moment you ask you might not have a divine download from the spirit, but what we do know is that we ASKED, and since we ASKED, we can believe we received Wisdom. You might say, “how can I say I received Wisdom if I do not have the answers yet?” The answer to that question is, “Because God says so!” Also, what you’re asking for is to receive Wisdom, and the Spirit begins to lead you and guide you to the TRUTH, that once you know the TRUTH will set you free. The Spirit of Wisdom that you receive when you ask, brings to you the information of wisdom you need (The Truth) to set you free. So today Father I ASK you for Wisdom to come to me, to reveal to me the wisdom (The Truth) I need for this day.

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