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What is Real

The more I read God’s word the more I see that from Gods view point what is real is not always what we can see. In Heb 11:3 Paul states that “By faith we understand that the WORLDS (everything we see) were framed by the word of God so that the things which are seen were made out of things which are not seen” We see here that everything we see came from the heart of an unseen being, GOD. Wow, that is cool, we also know that every-time God spoke in the account of creation in Genesis the things He said happened, when God said, “Let here be light” Light was created. When God speaks it’s creative, when Men speak its descriptive (Man describes things already created). In Mans world we have words that describe already created things, But in God’s world the Word is first, once spoken by God creates the thing. So, when is something made real, is it when we see it, or is it when God says it? I Believe the Apostle Paul’s reveals this to us in Hebrews 11:1- “Now Faith is the Substance of Things hope for the evidence of things not seen” Here we see that Faith (which comes by hearing & hearing GODS WORDS Romans 10:17) is what gives substance to things we hope for, it is the evidence or proof that the thing exists even though it is NOT SEEN. Wow again, our faith is the proof that Not Seen things exist. If we cannot see them then, where are they? They are unseen realities in the realm of the Spirit where God is waiting for our faith to give substance to them so we can see them here in this tangle world. I just said a lot of stuff just then, go back and re-read it again. How do I know they are real but unseen, because if God has said it and everything God says happens, it must be created even if I do not see it? Now a verse like “We walk by Faith and not by sight make sense, there is sooooo much more in the realm of the kingdom were God has Dominion then what we can see with our natural eyes, God has given us His word to show us the vastness of both the seen and unseen parts of His Kingdom. The Nicene Creed states “We believe in God the Father maker of heaven and earth of ALL that is SEEN and UNSEEN, God is the God of the unseen as well as the seen. You might say, that is just down right dumb, but Gods word talks much about the unseen, take heaven for example, it is a real place isn’t it even though we cannot see it, He talks about the Holy Spirit, Angels, were two or three are gather together in Jesus name He is in our mist, even though we cannot see all these things. Walking by Faith and not by sight is like flying a airplane using the instruments only, even though your natural senses may be telling you one thing, the instruments will keep you on course because the instruments were designed to take into account things the senses can not. So, begin today to look at Gods word as doors into the unseen, revealing to us what is possible, what’s in Gods heart, what is real.

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