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We are the Philip Generation

I am coming to you today inspired and energized by the confidence our heavenly Father has in us to fulfill the mission started by our older brother Jesus. “To go make disciples” was not only a command given to us, but is was intended to allow us to share and experience the greatness and Power of the Kingdom Life while we are still here on earth, Wow, God has wrapped our ability to encounter the Kingdom of heaven here on earth in the Mission to God Make Disciples. To be clearer, God has put in the action of witnessing the manifestation and power of heaven (Acts1:8) so those who encounter a believer can not only hear about Jesus, but actually come in contact with him. A great example of this is Acts 8 were Philip went to Samaria, One person with God in him went to a city which was dark place and allowed the Kingdom to Come and Gods will to be done on earth as it is in heaven. Every demon in Samaria could not stop one Christian with God in him from changing the city. We see the Gospel being preached, we see manifestations of the Spirit as there was healing’s, demons being cast out, the devil had no response to one mans ability to release the Kingdom with Power. As John 15 states, Philip became a branch which allowed the LIFE in the vine to flow from Heaven through Him the Branch to produce fruit here in the Earth. This excites me, the reality of who we really are as temples, carriers of God Glory and Power in the Earth. We are walking miracles looking for a place to happen. We often under estimated how much of a problem the Church really is for the devil. How hard he must be working to keep us from knowing that WE ARE STILL THE PHILIP GENERATION. Just like Philip in Samaria the devil can not stop us once we decide to be a branch and allow the Life to flow, the only weapon he has is keeping us in darkness, so we NEVER KNOW WHO WE REALLY ARE IN CHRIST. O well the cat is out of the bag, I believe this revelation is beginning to spread all over the world, and ordinary, everyday people are becoming extraordinary proclaimers of the Gospel WITH POWER. I was in a prayer meeting a while ago, we were all standing and as we were praying a woman who had a young child in her arms had a prophetic word, which someone in the group received, and she began to pray for that person, binding the devil in that person life. How this must have totally recked the devils and his demons moral, a woman with a young child in her arms standing, probably very tired, destroying his works in the life of that man. That was so cool, you can rise up and do the same, don’t be deceived any more, it is not you, it is the greater One in you doing the works, relax, just be who God created you to be, a Spirit filled, God empowered, fully armed, sword swinging, filled with His presence and Words of Life, God Child.

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