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We Are Gods Children

Rom 8:32-"He who did not spare His own Son, but handed Him over for us all, how will He not ALSO give us EVERYTHING ELSE along with Him." Wow, this overwhelms me!!!

When God placed us in divine union with Jesus, and made us one with Him (Jn17:21), He forever settled the battle over our true identity. We are God Children (1Jn3:2)!!!

With Jesus, we received EVERYTHING ELSE needed to be a God Child. We received a place in His family (Eph3:15), at His table (1Cor10:16), every spiritual blessing in heaven (Eph 1:3), we received Gods peace (Jn14:27), Gods life (Jn10:10), Gods love (Rom5:5), Gods strength (Eph6:10), Gods joy (Jn15:11), Gods freedom (2Cor3:17). We are now heirs of God, and have obtained an inheritance (Eph1:11). We have Gods DNA flowing through our spiritual veins. We have been Fathered, and His name is God!!! Read these scripture verses for yourself, they will change you.

Lets honor God by believing He is "Our Father", and we are His Children.

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Thank you Joe.

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