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Walking with God

Another great day to be alive, it’s a continual desire of mine to grow each day in the knowledge of God. The essence of my relationship with Him, and the focus of my search for Him needs to match His greatness, His inexhaustibleness. We find that most of Gods Divine Nature lives far above human existence and if our search for Him is limited only to needs in our human existence we are going to lose out on so many great opportunities to live and play with God in Gods world. Just think if Peter limited or questioned Jesus capacity to bring him into His world when Jesus told Peter to COME and walk on the water with Him, Peter would have never gotten out of the boat, and in turn missed His Divine Encounter with the Great One. Just because there is mystery in our understanding of God does not mean that mystery cannot be eventually made known. In fact in proverbs the Spirit reveals that as we seek wisdom and understanding as fine God and Silver we not only receive wisdom but we receive everything wisdom has t0 offer. My experience with God will equal my desire FOR Him, and when we begin to hunger and thirst after righteousness the divine promise is ”YOU SHALL BE FILLED” (Matt 5:6). So what does that look like in my day, It looks like praying for encounter not just knowledge, to sense His presence, to take Him at His word, to follow after that small still voice even when every other voice is yelling louder, Its just saying that this Life has nothing for me with out Gods stamp upon me. I seek everyday for the reason of my existence, somedays its praying and standing for my wife and children, other days it ministering truth to those who are seeking Him, some days its praying and breaking the bondage off those who are oppressed, and still other days its worshipping Him alone just Him and me, fellowshipping over His Word. I am so overwhelmed by this, even in time of trial I see Him, I know Him, I can turn to Him. I have found that this walk is a walk of Faith, In our Wednesday Night Bible Study we have spoken much about faith, being the Substance of Things, that as God speaks He puts heaven substance inside His words which gets deposited (Deposit of Faith) into our Spirits, which we have the ability to speak out of our Hearts to allow that substance of Faith to create. But what we often fail to see is that in every divinely inspired word Gods speaks comes with it the Word made flesh, The presence of our Father which brings us into Divine encounters with Him. What does that really mean, That with Gods word comes Gods presence, or better said, Gods words are doors leading into His Presence, we can walk through the Door of Matt 8:17 “He (Jesus) took our infirmities and bore our sickness” and that door leads us into the presence of the Jehovah Rapha (The Lord our Healer). Once their, in His presence, we have a Divine encounter with Jehovah Rapha, and we are healed. It is also like salvation, when we hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the Gospel is the door leading to the encounter (Jesus), and once we encounter Him, and accept Him as Lord we are converted. These two examples (or doors) are just two of the thousands of doors that God has placed in our path so we can come in contact and experience heaven here on earth. So, will you come and join me today and pick up Gods word, hunger and thirst for Him, and begin to find the Doors into His very presence. Our life will never be the same.

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