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The Secret Place of the Most High

Life is beginning to take on a new dimension for me, I sense we are beginning to see what Jesus called the Kingdom of God here on Earth. As Jesus taught us to pray “Thy Kingdom Come Thy Will be done ON EARTH as it is in HEAVEN”. I cannot put my spiritual finger on it, but more and more I am sensing the closeness of the Kingdom as I am involved in normal everyday natural life functions. Can it be that God wants to change what is ordinary. I have known that God wants to invade the ordinary course of life, but can it be that He wants to redefine what is ordinary. As I live my natural life, and purpose myself to step into my supernatural life, can it be that God is trying to show me that they are one, that my natural life is just an extension of something bigger which is my Eternal Life, I am just thinking out loud. The more I allow the Spirit to take hold of my imagination the more I see that the lines between heaven and earth become blurred. I have become like a little boy again, discovering the spiritual world around me for the first time, it is so exciting. As I pray, worship, and just spend time with the Lord I am beginning to allow my expectation to wonder, not putting limits on what I expect to encounter in those times. I am beginning to allow the Spirit to bring me to the place HE WANTS to bring me in our time together. It is so sweet, I am finding a friend, not just a God, A partner who just wants us to be together, not a master who is looking for me to perform tasks for Him. I am finding He wants to take me places I have never been before, He delights in seeing my expression when He shows me things that astound me, He takes great Joy in My Joy. I think I am finding what David spoke about in the 91:1 Psm; “The secret place of the Most-High

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