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Past Prophecy That is Still Relevant Today

"Your desperate yearning for more cannot compare with My desire to GIVE you ALL I have died for you to have. You say in your heart, 'God, if you are as big as I know you are, why are You so hard to find?' I will answer that question for you, says the Lord.

You speak truth, but do not act upon that truth, you say 'I am great', but have no expectation of my greatness going forth, you say 'God can do all things', but do not expect Me to do anything. You tell people 'I am alive', but do not allow me to live through you. You are in love with the thought of Me, but have no passion for Me.

This can change today says the Lord, I place before you my word which HAS POWER, My presence which has essence, My love which has an encounter. No longer be satisfied with knowledge about me only, get hungry for KNOWING Me.

I will show you the glorious things, I will take you places which will take your breath away, My Love will capture your heart forever, and from this wellspring of KNOWING ME, we will finally become one, and The Spirit of Him who raised Jesus from the dead will give Life and make manifest that Life in you mortal flesh for ALL to see." ~ Joseph Curto, Founder and Director of Catholics for Christ

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