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Living in the wellspring of Life

As I am about to begin producing a few Christian programs for Internet and Christian Television I find that being busy about the Fathers Business does not fulfill my need for relationship, Martha found out this same thing. I feel that when I minister from the well spring of what God is sharing with me that day, I find that my relationship with Him becomes the source of my Ministry to others. What makes this hard is that if you are planning to hold conferences or teaching sessions often you do have a firm grip on your topics. O well, I personally would rather hear five words spoken under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit then a million words spoken from the intellect. So I continue to remind myself that nothing has worth unless it flows from the wellspring of Life within me, and if I am not rooted in this river of Life then all that gets accomplished is a good mans attempt to be holy, which is not bad, but falls far short of God best which is Manifestation, Relationship, and divine encounter. So today as I set up my Video Studio and work towards blessing others, I stay ever mindful that without a fresh experience with God today, I will be void of the very thing which I have been called to give which is Jesus

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