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Going on with God

In these times of uncertainty there is one thing that remains the same, does not change, or is influenced by the times and seasons of life and that is Gods Word. This, as it has always been throughout the generations is the only sure thing in human life. So, if Gods word is unchanging and has the power to create everything it promises and is guaranteed by God himself, why do we look to anything else. As I personally mature in the things of God, I am becoming exceedingly convinced that life needs to be lived more in the unseen then the seen. What I mean is that as Gods declares eternal realities which cannot change and must come to past, we need to make a decision of our wills to believe in what Gods says then what we see, feel, hear, or think. This leaves us living much of our lives in the inner man, the hidden man of the heart, feeding on eternal realities, Gods declaration given in His word. This seems so obvious on the surface, but usually is the very things our outer man (Our Flesh) resists the most. God’s word speaks much on the battle between the flesh and the Spirit, or better said, the battle between the Outer and Inner man. I have spoken much about this topic over the years mainly because I have had many battles which God has proven time and time again faithful to His Word. There comes a time in each believer’s life were he or she must choose to move on with God, letting all the chips fall where they may in response to His prompting, revelations, and divine declarations. We must not let the thought of being balanced change the truths revealed in God’s Word, what does being balanced really mean anyway, being half Godly and half worldly? The very thing that steals our faith once God has sown truth into our hearts is our attempt to lower the supernatural nature of the revelation to the natural state of being. God says things for the intent to give a supernatural dimension to our natural life, to enable us to experience our eternal life (God kind of Life) here in this manner of life. We need to read Gods word through the glasses of living in two worlds, we are members of eternity the Kingdom of God and residence of the realm of time here on Earth. Every word that God speaks is a covenant statement which applies to both worlds we walk in. What I am trying to say is that when God speaks, He is not only trying to raise the level of natural human life getting us closer to human excellence, but He is trying to get us to a place that goes far beyond what natural humans can do. God is attempting to build into us the revelation of what you, this new creation in Christ is now capable of, which goes far beyond being a perfect natural human being, it is living in the supernatural, and allowing that part of our new nature to impact, influence, invade, infect, change, elevate, our natural human existence. So I choose this day to live out loud, to allow my supernatural side to influence my natural side, to begin to let loose the eternal life (God kind of Life) that has been given to me by Jesus, to change my natural manner of life so I can experience pieces of heaven here on Earth.

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