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God's Words are a Creative Force

God transfers pieces of His unseen kingdom into the seen by speaking words. In Genesis chapter 1 God created all we see by speaking it into existence. All that we see originated in the unseen, or better said, originated in the heart of God. For example, God attached to His words "Let there be light" the actual substance of light, God did not promise light, nor did He describe light, He created, or gave substance to light by speaking it into existence. Similarly, it would hold true that attached to Jesus words "Peace I leave you, MY PEACE I give you..." (John 14:27); is Gods peace, praise God!! The way God transfers the very substance of His peace from His Presence into our lives is by speaking that peace into existence, so we can receive it into our hearts and encounter it.

This is an awesome thing, for in every spoken word of God, in every promise He has made lies within it the heavenly substance needed for us to encounter that part God. Gods word is not just a promise, but contained in it is the very substance needed to encounter that promise. Let's begin today receiving the substance of heavenly things that faith in Gods words brings (Hebrews


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