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Finding Gods Presence

Another great day to be alive, even though our Heavenly Father is in us and around us always finding Him each day is something that we do. The devil, life, circumstances, lusts for other things, all what to pull us into this natural low life so we do not find the hiding place of His presence (Col 3:1). Each day I make a declaration of my faith and exercise my authority as a Child of God to find Him through this ever-present darkness. Wisdom is such a good friend, He speaks, directs, and corrects me, the Holy Spirit without which I would wonder lost in life, reveals the Father and Jesus to me, He leads me and guides me to truth which once I know the truth will set me free. What at tag team wisdom and the Holy Spirit, both of which is desperate to get over to me the very thing I seek and long for each day which is His Presence. There is not a day that goes by that the most consuming desire of my heart is to know Him more, like a young child who does not see or sense his mother is consumed with finding her. So this day like every day I seek to KNOW Him more, and the most wonderful part of seeking is that God has given us a promise, a spiritual law which can not be broken and must come to pass. Every time this spiritual law is put into motion 100 times out of 100 times it comes to pass, and it is “If I seek, I will Find” praise God. So, I seek Him, His face, His presence, His Word, It’s Sunday so I will seek Him in communion today. I will seek Him in what He has said about me, How He looks and see’s me, I will investigate His Word today for the Promise and Oath He has made to me. Each promise and oath I find is an opportunity for me to have a divine encounter which will pull me deeper into His presence. Every Word, Every Promise, Every Oath our Father has made to us is an opportunity to SEE HIM break into life so we can KNOW HIM here in the land of the living. As St. John has Said 1John 3:2- “Beloved now we are children of God it has not been revealed what we shall be (Once we Go to be with Him) but what we know that when He is revealed (Here in this life as well as the next) we shall see Him as He is. I want to see Him today and everyday as He is.

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