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Finding God Today

I am so grateful for another day, for every day is an opportunity to find God in ways we have not experienced Him before. As we way through this present darkness the devil’s attempt to keep from me the realities of God IN ALL HIS GOODNESS AND FULLNESS becomes futile as I begin to seek Him. The promise Jesus made to us in Matt 7:7 Seek and you will FIND is a promise which is a spiritual Law of the Kingdom of God. If I here on earth begin to Seek the God of eternity concerning any promise or oath he has made to me, this spiritual law is engaged and the Holy Spirit begins to lead me and Guide me to the truth which once I KNOW THE TRUTH, sets me free (Jn 8:32). My prayerful, diligent, urgent, seeking puts in motion all of heavens resources to bring to past the second part of this verse which is “FIND”. The problem in my life often isn’t a lack of knowledge or will on Gods part to move with power on my behalf but is my lack of diligence or down right laziness which keeps this spiritual law from activating. This spiritual engine will produce what God intended it to produce which is “Finding Truth” which once found will set me free. My freedom is in the truth, Freedom from what you might ask, freedom from everything which came into the earth after the fall of Adam, everything which is from the thief which comes NOT BUT TO kill, steal and destroy (Jn10:10). If something is present in my life trying to kill, steal, and destroy, I begin to diligently seek the Truth, for once I find and know the truth that truth will set me free. So today is another day I get to make a decision to whine and complain, worry and be fretful, wondering why things are the way they are, or I can say I am going to find you today Father, Find your goodness, greatness, in this present darkness, I seek you and will not be denied of all the promises and oaths you made to me in your Word. I will not let the sun go down upon me this day without knowing you and EXPERIANCING You today. Hmmmm this is a tough one, but I choose Seeking Him, because as I have experienced in life in the past there is nothing that can compare with Finding Him.

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