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Our Everyday Life of as a Christian

The more and more I seek the presence of God the more and more I see the presence found in the day to day contacts I have with people in life. What I mean is that being a Christian, a person with Christ in them, my daily contact with others should prompt me to allow the Christ in me to be seen. Were we are God is because God is in us, there is a potential in every situation at any time and place for God Who is in us to break out and do what He does best, which is be God. As I was in Church a few Sundays ago there was a young lady who sat in front of me who had a tee shirt which said” somewhere, anywhere, everywhere bring God there”, I saw it, that is supposed to be the everyday normal Christian lifestyle. We are carriers of God presence, His Glory, because He is in us, He is waiting for us to allow Him to take expression again in life, to be the miracle working, natural law defying, supernatural, mountain moving God that He is. I love the passages in Acts chapter 3 & 4 were Peter and John at the gate called beautiful met that poor lame man from birth, he was laid at the temple gate day after day to beg, how humiliating that must have been for him, day after day being look down upon as the lowest of the low, but two people (Peter & John) with God in them show up one day and said silver and gold we do not have BUT WHAT WE DO HAVE,( praise God they had something to give, God) In the NAME OF JESUS rise and walk, and they took him by the hand and he rose up walking, leaping, and praising God, Praise God. This created quite a stir, the priests, Sadducees, rulers, elders and scribes, were angry at this and threatened them not to speak or teach to NO MAN in the Name of Jesus. The next thing they did was to pray and their prayer to me is so cool, in Acts 4:23-31, they prayed verse 29, “Look on their threats, and grant to your servants that with all BOLDNESS they may speak your word, By stretching out Your HAND TO HEAL, and that signs and wonders may be done THROUGH THE NAME of your holy servant Jesus” The very thing that got them in so much trouble with the religious leaders was the very thing they were asking God to give them MORE OF. What was the Divine response of God, verse 31” and when they prayed, the place where they assembled was shaken and they were filled with the Holy Spirit, and SPOKE THE WORD OF GOD WITH BOLDNESS” this is what the normal everyday Christian life should look like. The need of the day is for us Christians to have some boldness, to have confidence in Our God’s ability to do what He came to do “Destroy the Works of the Devil” and “Set the Captives Free”. Let’s begin to take our place in life and release the God of Wonders into every dark, desperate, and desolate place.

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