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Entering into Gods Unseen World

There is place in God that the natural side of us just cannot go, a place that natural man just cannot experience. The Nicene Creed begins to help us understand this place, “We believe in God the Father the almighty, maker of heaven and earth, of all that is SEEN and UNSEEN…” we begin to see that God is not just the God of the seen, but the unseen as well. If this is true, and God lives in the seen as well as in the unseen, we must begin to BELIEVE in things we cannot see if we are to experience ALL that God is offering us. The first thing the creed tells us to believe that is unseen is, God the Father the almighty, the second is heaven, and third is all that is UNSEEN. There is a place in the realm of the unseen kingdom that natural man just cannot go, a place that only a believer can go by Faith. I am learning more and more that my old way of seeing things is so earthly and low in comparison to Gods. I have spent so much of my past life trying to experience God in only the seen (worldly) part of the kingdom not attempting to step into Gods world which includes both the seen and the unseen. I am beginning to hear the cry of the spirit saying come up here, come up higher, which He cries out in Col. 3:1-3.

Col. 3:1-3- ” 1 If then you were raised with Christ seek those things which are ABOVE where Christ is sitting at the right hand of the God. 2 Set your mind on things above, (UNSEEN), not on things of the Earth (SEEN). 3 For you died and you life is hidden with Christ in God.”

In Romans 1:17 the apostle Paul’s repeats what has been said in the prophets, “The just shall live by faith”, what does this mean, if we look at Hebrews 11:1 we find out Faith is the substance of things hoped for THE EVIDENCE OF THINGS NOT SEEN! as the Just, walking by faith is allowing our faith in what God says to be our evidence in things not seen, or better said, our faith in what God says is the evidence that, that unseen thing exists. You might say, “If I cannot see it, how can I know it exists”, the answer to this questions, I feel, is the relationship God is trying to get us to come up into.

This place in the realm of the unseen part of the kingdom of God can only be accessed by the believer as he or she walks into it by Faith. God our Father, in all His glory, has created a place for us to dwell even though unseen to our natural senses. We know it exists, and the evidence of its existence is that God has spoken it into existence and revealed its existence to us by His word. So, the door into this divine place, where we are to have divine encounters with our Father is His word. We are being lured by the Spirit to enter through that door (His Word) as we walk by Faith. That is why we WALK by faith, and not by sight, we are WALKING IN THE UNSEEN, WE ARE WALKING IN THE SPIRIT, we can begin to say like Moses said in Hebrews 11:27 “… I endured as seeing Him (God) who is invisible.”

The challenge of walking through a door which cannot be seen with our natural senses is that our natural senses will try to tell us that there is no door at all. That is when our faith in God’s promises that He has made becomes the evidence of the existence of this unseen door which will lead us into a divine encounter with His presence. If God said it is real, IT IS REAL. So join me and begin right now, today, to seek those things above, in the unseen part of the kingdom, not on things of the earth, allow the believer in you to start believing in the unseen, and step through that door into His very throne room, the very presence of our awesome Father, He is standing at the door between the seen and unseen saying COME !! (Rev 3:20 & Rev. 22:17)

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