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Drawing Life From the Son

I am beginning to get a deeper understanding of how God created me. God has chosen to make me a RECEIVER, where He is the GIVER. The example given to me was that of the Sun, which is always GIVING light, if the Sun did not release (GIVE OFF) its energy and light, the pressure would build up to the point where it would explode. Likewise, all things living on earth are RECEIVERS of light, that if we did not RECEIVE the light the sun is GIVING, all life would die. So, the Sun the GIVER of light, and all life on earth, the RECEIVER of light needs each other.

In the gospel of John chapter 15 we see the relationship between the GIVER and RECEIVER, Jesus is the Vine (giver of Life) and we are the branches (receiver of Life), in verse 4 “Abide in Me, and I in you. As a branch cannot bear fruit of itself, unless it abides in the vine, neither can you, unless you abide in Me.” I am understanding now that as a receiver I MUST come to the giver of Life, the SON, Jesus, and drawer from him as a branch draws from the life in the vine, also, as the roots of a tree planted by rivers of water draws from the river, I must draw my life, joy, peace, strength, my daily bread, from Jesus. This is not my Life, it is the life of JESUS I AM DRAWING. Remember with me these statements; Jn. 1:4- In Him was LIFE and the life is the Light of men, in Jn. 15:11-These things I have spoken that MY JOY may remain in you. Jn. 14:27- It is MY PEACE I give you…, Eph. 6:10-Be STRONG IN THE LORD and the power of His might…

I must continually remind myself that Jesus came that I, ME, might have life. The entire mission and life of Jesus was to GIVE me HIS Life, He needs to give it, God in John 3:16 reveals his giving nature, God so loved the world HE GAVE His only begotten son, Loves always gives, and since God is love, Love needs to GIVE, GIVE, and GIVE, for without Love giving, love is no longer love, and God cannot de-nigh himself as the giver of life and love. So, I have to take my rightful place as a believer, and submit to the giver, by receiving all that Love has given. In Mark 11:24 we see Jesus reveal how one believes, he says; Therefore, I say to you, what ever things you ask, when you pray, BELIEVE that you RECEIVE them, and you will have them. Believing is receiving. Praise God!!!

Last thought, I find also that now that I have received Life from the Son, I find that, as a branch in the vine, I have the ability to share the life from the Giver by producing fruit. I cannot give something I have not received from the Giver, just like fruit cannot form on a branch unless the branch allows the life from the vine to flow through it and form the fruit. So amazingly, we get to receive all that Love Gives, and in addition, we get to allow the giver, to give through us, how fearfully and wonderfully we have been made.

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