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Called to be Saints

I am so excited about having the opportunity to be a vessel of His presence today. Every day I look for my reason to exist, the reason God has made me, the reason He invested His son in me. It has to be more then just going to Church on Sunday, and going to heaven when I die, even though this is a huge part of it. I am beginning to see the world through Gods eye’s, the completed work of Jesus has brought the Kingdom were all things are GOOD, PERFECT, where nothing is lacking, missing or broken, into the grasp of us His children here on earth. I have often ask the question like most have over the centuries, how do we Find Him in the mist of this present darkness, and as salvation history has taught us, it is through His Words and the Church, the body of believers. This might sound very theological and sanitized but I see Him here, I see Him in the promises and oaths He has made to me, I see His love, His concern, His protection, and His care in the statements of covenant He makes to ME in His Word. WOW, I get overwhelmed in this, and my heart cries out for more. I see the Church, I see our loving Father who knows that He is to big, to Good, to Pure for any one person or generation to grab, I see Him giving each generation a revelation of Himself that might take that generation their whole lifetime to grab and communicate, which becomes the high point, ceiling of their experience of God. I see this revelation of our loving Father being the floor, the beginning point of the next generation (progressive revelation) being passed on from generation to generation as we give honor to those who have gone before us.

I see the despair, pain, fear, oppression, sickness, and poverty of the world, and in the mist of this present darkness I see the opportunity for God to manifest and Be God. We fail to realize the reason we exist today, to freely give what we have been freely given, to allow the Christ in us to do exploits again in the earth. Peter and John at the Gate call Beautiful (acts 3:6) as they met the cripple from birth said silver and gold, we do not have BUT WHAT WE DO HAVE WE GIVE TO YOU, they had something to give, it was the miracle working Jesus that was in them. I believe with all my heart that the reason why Peter and John existed that day, the purpose of their lives and the investment God made in them was to freely GIVE what God so freely GAVE, THE WORD OF LIFE. I want to be like Peter and John, I want to be used by God in the work of ministry (Evangelization), I want to be put in the game of Life, I cry out, put me in Coach Jesus, put me in the game. I have watched all the game films of Jesus, Peter, John, Paul, the great revivalist of the Church throughout the generations, I have studied after and trained under the Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor and Teachers of the Church (Eph 4:11-16). It is time, it is MY time in this our generation in salvation history. I believe for all of us who choose to embrace this most noble cause the Divine response is YES, Yes, I have created you for this mission, in this time and hour, and the eternal ”GO MAKE DISCIPLES” is sounding in the earth through the Church today for all of us who have ears to hear.

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