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Being One with Jesus

Every day is a great day of opportunity when we know Jesus. The phrase “to know” is one which can be experienced on many levels, we can know about someone, know facts and details about a person but never have met. We can casually know a person possibly meeting once or twice, or we might have a good friend which we developed a deep intimacy with, or even deeper still our spouse in marriage which is the ultimate natural form of knowing (like Adam knew Eve). What I find incredible is this deep form of knowing, “a marriage relationship” will not survive this life time. In heaven their will be no continuation of marriage between husband and wife, marriage here in this life God intended to be a type and shadow of the relationship He wants to have with us. I began to see this as I was reading Eph. 5:22-33, the apostle Paul begins revealing the relationship between a husband and wife but is verse 32 he says “This is a great mystery, BUT I SPEAK concerning CHRIST and the CHURCH” I began to see it, this earthly deep knowing relationship between a man and a women becoming one was suppose to be a revelation of Christs relationship with us His church, this earthly type and shadow was given so we would recognize the real (Jesus relationship with us the church) when we encountered it. This is the Ruth story in the Book of Ruth on steroids. Wow, I can not only be one with Jesus, but I come under his protection (Psm. 91), provision (Phil 4:19), I am member of the Fathers house hold, and I named after him (Eph 3:15). In our earthly marriages we are preparing for our heavenly habitation in the Household of God. But wait, Is this just reserved for when we pass from this life to the next, NOOOOO, for being in Christ we become a new creations, old things have passed away behold all things have become new (2Cor 5:17), praise God, we are Joined to Jesus, and a family member of the household of God which is the Church. I intent this day to take my place as being one with Christ, as being a child of the living, all powerful, can do anything God the Father, will you join me today.

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