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Be Established in God

I am learning that to be established in God is so much more then living a good moral life, even though living a good moral life is a huge part of it. I am finding that there is so much more to God’s dominion then what we can see. The Kingdom of God ( the realm of the Spirit) includes both the seen and the unseen worlds, we are familiar with the seen world but many are blind (no pun intended) to the Unseen world, this world is were God, Jesus, the angels, demons, heaven, hell, Etc. exist it is a real place, and the earth and the seen universe is a very small part of Gods created Kingdom. If this is so what does all of this have to do with me, Much I believe, God has created us not only human beings but He has created us Spiritual Beings as well, the part of us that is created in His image and likeness is our Inner person our Spirits which has the ability to come in contact with the unseen world of the Kingdom, or as the scriptures call it the realm of the Spirit. Our recreated converted hearts are like a radio receiver which is able to pick up the frequency of the Holy Spirit which will enable us to Hear CLEARLY the voice of the Shepard as He helps us navigate in our natural human manner of life here in the seen world. To be established to me begins with being in-tuned and anchored in hearing the Voice of God that as John 10:4-5 says we will know His voice and BY NO MEANS FOLLOW A STRANGER BUT FLEE FROM HIM. This is the potential of our Christian existence to be able to tap into the unseen and apply what we hear and see so we can live a God filled life here in the Seen. As the Apostle Paul says in Gal 5:16 Walk in the Spirit (unseen) so you SHALL NOT fulfill the lusts of the Flesh (Seen), our ability to not fulfill the lusts of the flesh is dependant upon our ability to be able to walk in the Spirit. Wow, if this is so then I better begin to understand what it really means to walk in the Spirit, for the very thing that I felt I had no control over (fulfilling the lusts of the flesh) Paul tells us here in Galatians we do have control over it, and that control is found in our ability to be able to Walk in the Spirit.

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